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Change Is Inevitable.

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Stephen Doran.

Stop the search. Look no further. Stephen is the guy you have been looking for. Daily, he helps others to unlock their potential and achieve results beyond those of their wildest dreams. How? Experience, competence and congruence. Stephen is a walking testament to his work, striving for success in every area of his own life. Because to truly be successful you must deliver in ALL areas, not just a few. Relationships, health, wealth and everything else. Whether you are stuck in a rut or just hungry for more, come and see what Stephen can do for you. Read the book, attend the training or even hire Stephen to personally coach you towards ultimate fulfillment. Action trumps inaction every time, so don’t just sit on your goals, do something about them! And remember, ‘you only get one life, but if you get it right then once is enough.’

Stephen Doran Author NLP Trainer Coach Investor


Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

Thank you for visiting my page today. You are here because you are an action taker! One of the rare few that rather than just complain about their situation is willing to do something about it. Let’s face it, wherever you are in life we always want better. To be better, to have better and to do better. The difference between people is what you are willing to do about it. The sad fact of life is that most people never even get close to knowing what their true potential is.

Are you ready to explore your unfathomable potential?



For years I have helped other’s to unlock their potential and achieve the life that they truly deserve by removing the obstacles and revealing the opportunities. Are you ready to take your life to the next level?


nlp training

As an experienced and accredited trainer I have trained thousands of delegates in the art and science of NLP. To date I still find it to be one of the most powerful methods of learning personal excellence.


CORPorate training

Now, more than ever, employers are recognising the need to look after the emotional well being of their staff. I offer a range of training from emotional intelligence to effective leadership to sales.


Functional fitness

What use is a powerful mind if you don’t have your health to back it up. With the right approach to fitness you can add more confidence, energy and enjoyment to your life. Looking good is just a bonus!


Burn the Bullshit

How to live before you die

When it comes to pursing the life you deserve, limiting beliefs are a force so fierce that many give up before they have even got close to their potential.

'BURN THE BULLSHIT' is a frank and honest blueprint to completely annihilating those limiting beliefs.

This is not your conventional approach to 'positive thinking'...

'Chapter Challenges'  help to identify what is really  holding you back. Finishing by physically burning your bullshit beliefs, in one of the most life changing exercises you will ever experience.


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